If you’re considering a penile implant for erectile dysfunction (ED), it’s important to understand all aspects of the procedure. ED is more common than many realize, and while medications can be effective, they are not the only option. Penile implants are often regarded by urologists as the most definitive solution for ED.

Istanbul Urology Clinic, emphasizes that while many men find success with traditional ED treatments, others seek a more lasting solution. “Penile Prosthesis are as close as we get to a cure for men struggling to achieve or maintain an erection.

For those for whom medications are ineffective or who prefer not to rely on them for sexual activity, penile Prosthesis offer a significant advantage. They provide the ability to achieve an erection on demand, typically within 15 seconds, and maintain it for as long as desired.

If you’re grappling with ED and wondering whether a penile implant is suitable for you, it’s crucial to seek information and guidance.

Istanbul Urology Clinic Team are available to answer questions and provide insight into what a penile Prosthesis entails and how it might benefit you. Don’t hesitate to explore this option and discuss it openly with a Istanbul Urology Clinic.

What is a penile implant?

A penile implant, also known as a penile prosthesis, is a device surgically inserted to assist in achieving an erection, primarily for those suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED).

This implant comes in two varieties:

  1. Inflatable penile implant: This type features a pump located in the scrotum (the skin sac behind the penis), enabling the user to induce an erection at will.
  2. Non-inflatable penile implant: This version contains flexible silicone rods within the erection chambers of the penis. The rods can be manually adjusted to a straight position to simulate an erection.

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How does a penile implant work?

A penile Prosthesis, designed to aid in achieving an erection, comes in two main types: inflatable and non-inflatable.

The inflatable penile Prosthesis consists of a pair of cylinders, a reservoir, and a pump, all surgically placed within the body. The cylinders are inserted into the penis, while the reservoir, which holds fluid, is positioned beneath the lower abdominal muscles.

A pump, placed in the scrotum but not affecting the testicles, connects to this setup. To activate the implant, you press the scrotal pump, transferring fluid from the reservoir to the cylinders in the penis, causing them to inflate.

This mechanism allows you to control the firmness of the erection and maintain it as long as desired, even after orgasm. To deflate, a valve on the pump is pressed, returning the fluid to the reservoir and causing the penis to return to its non-erect state.

The non-inflatable Penile Prosthesis, on the other hand, features two firm yet flexible silicone rods. This type does not require a pump. To use it, you simply extend the rods by pressing on the penis, which creates an erection that remains consistent in hardness, even after orgasm. To revert the penis to its non-erect state, you press it again, which repositions the rods.

5 Things Have to Know If You’re Considering a Penile Implant

1- Is a penile implant worth it?

For individuals eager to restore sexual function, penile Prosthesis can be a highly effective and reliable solution, enabling the achievement of an erection at will.

Our highlights the high satisfaction rates associated with penile Prosthesis. “Research indicates that between 90 and 95% of men with a penile Prosthesis, as well as their partners, are satisfied with the results. The majority express a likelihood to recommend the procedure to others and report no regrets about their decision to undergo the implant surgery.”

The process of getting a penile implant does entail a surgical procedure. Your readiness and ability to undergo this surgery is a crucial consideration in determining if a penile implant is suitable for you. According to our surgeon, penile Prosthesis surgery is typically a procedure of less than an hour’s duration and is often conducted on an outpatient basis, which means a relatively swift and straightforward recovery.

2- Is Penile Implant surgery safe?

Penile Prosthesis surgery is generally considered safe, with the primary concern, as in any implant surgery, being the prevention of infection. However, the rate of infection associated with penile implant surgery is quite low.

Our Surgeons assure that the surgery is very safe, with infection rates being incredibly rare, approximately around 1%. This low rate is largely attributed to the use of specialized antibiotics and specific surgical techniques designed to significantly reduce the risk of postoperative infection.

As with any surgical procedure, the safety of Penile Prosthesis surgery is enhanced when performed by a trusted and experienced surgeon. “The experience of our surgeons is a crucial factor,”our surgeons emphasize. They advise choosing a urologist who has a substantial background and expertise in performing penile implant surgeries to ensure the best possible outcome.

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3- Is penile implant surgery painful?

Penile implant surgery typically results in some mild to moderate soreness, which is expected given the sensitivity of the surgical area. However, this discomfort is usually temporary, subsiding after a week or two.

Our surgeons acknowledge the inherent soreness due to the nature of the surgery. “Operating in a sensitive area does lead to some post-procedure soreness,” they says. To alleviate this discomfort, several measures are taken, including draining any accumulated fluid, prescribing pain medication, and applying compressive surgical dressings.

The recovery duration can vary depending on individual factors, and our doctor will inform you when you have sufficiently recovered to resume sexual activities.

“In our practice, we typically activate the penile implant about three weeks post-surgery,” our surgeons mentions. “After this period, the implant is ready for unrestricted use.” This indicates that while there is some initial recovery period, the discomfort is manageable and the implant becomes fully functional within a few weeks.

4- What type of penile implant do I need?

When considering a penile implant, you have two primary options: inflatable implants and malleable implants. The choice between these types depends largely on your lifestyle and specific needs, and our doctor can provide guidance in making this decision.

Penile implant in Turkey

Our surgeons notes, “No matter which type of implant is selected, the vast majority of men experience high levels of satisfaction with their penile implant.” This assurance highlights that both types of implants are effective in enhancing sexual function and quality of life, with the decision being more about personal suitability and preference.

5- How long does a penile implant last?

Penile implants typically have a long lifespan, with most lasting between 15 and 20 years in most men.

Our surgeons point out a crucial aspect to consider: “Remember that a penile implant is a mechanical device, and like any mechanical device, it can malfunction or break.” While such occurrences are uncommon, they are not impossible. 

If a malfunction does happen, it can be rectified through a subsequent short surgical procedure. This underscores the durability of penile implants while acknowledging the reality of their mechanical nature and the possibility of needing future maintenance.

It’s very important to note that we at Istanbul urology clinic provide a life-time warranty from the manufacturer in the US as a written warranty signed by the surgeon.
That warranty will be accepted anywhere in the world.


A lot of individuals have reservations about penile implants, often because of misunderstandings and insufficient knowledge. Yet, it’s noteworthy that 97% of men who undergo this surgery express contentment with the outcomes.

This is understandable, given that the surgery is not very invasive, takes just 30-60 minutes to perform, and involves a relatively mild recovery period while producing truly remarkable results!

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