Penis Enlargement Surgery in Turkey

Individuals seeking penile lengthening surgery often do so to enhance their sexual experience or to boost their self-confidence due to concerns about penile size. 

It’s essential for these men to diligently follow post-surgery guidelines to ensure a swift recovery and to alleviate any anxieties related to penile size.

Before we delve deeper, it’s important to address the plethora of products and medications available in the market that claim to offer penis enlargement

Many of these non-surgical alternatives may pose health risks and often do not deliver the promised results. In contrast, surgical intervention is the only clinically proven method to effectively address penile size concerns.

Through this article, we aim to equip you with the knowledge needed for a safe post-surgery journey and to assist in fostering greater self-assurance.

Essential Information Regarding Penile Lengthening Surgery

penile lengthening surgery

Penile lengthening surgery serves both aesthetic and functional purposes, and thus shouldn’t be viewed solely as a cosmetic choice. 

With growing awareness about issues like penile shortness, thinness, and curvature, there’s an increase in men seeking genital aesthetics.

The choice between general anesthesia and spinal anesthesia for the surgery is determined collaboratively by the patient and the doctor.

Typically, the surgery results in an average penile elongation of 2-4 centimeters, though individual results may vary.

The outcomes of this surgery are lasting. To ensure the permanence of these results, it is vital for patients to follow the recommended post-operative exercises. 

However, it’s important to note that natural aging processes may lead to a physiological reduction in penis size over time, something surgery cannot prevent.

Patients are usually discharged the day after the surgery, following a thorough check-up.

The procedure can be combined with fat injection management and penile thickness to add girth. In this process, fat is extracted from the patient’s abdomen, filtered, and then injected into the penis. 

If a patient lacks sufficient fat or the fat quality is poor, pre-made fillers can be used for penile enlargement.

Guidelines for Sexual Activity Post Surgical Penile Lengthening 

penile lengthening surgery

A common query from patients is regarding the appropriate time to resume sexual activities after surgery. 

Generally, patients are advised to abstain from sexual intercourse and masturbation for the first month post-treatment. 

However, recovery times can differ among individuals. Therefore, the go-ahead for engaging in sexual activities should be obtained from medical specialists to ensure proper healing.

Discharge Guidelines Following Penile Lengthening Surgery

Patients typically need to stay in the hospital for one day post-surgery. They are discharged after necessary checks the following day. 

It’s advised to rest on the first day of discharge and avoid sudden movements or actions that could raise blood pressure, as these can increase the risk of post-operative bleeding.

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Maintaining Results After Penile Lengthening Surgery

penile enhancement procedure in Turkey

The outcomes of penile lengthening surgery are indeed permanent, setting it apart from procedures like penile enlargement surgery or enlargement through fat injections, which may require repetition. 

However, to preserve the achieved penile length, it’s crucial for patients to regularly perform traction exercises post-surgery.

These exercises, involving the gentle pulling and releasing of the penis tip, should be done 10 times both in the morning and evening. This routine helps prevent the penis from adhering to the root. 

While the effects of the surgery are long-lasting, it’s important to note that penis size may still undergo changes over time. 

Age-related penis shortening is a common phenomenon and can affect all men, regardless of whether they have undergone penile lengthening surgery.

In closing, it’s vital to acknowledge the treatability of conditions like penis shortness, thinness, and curvature. 

Being aware of these treatable conditions and seeking appropriate solutions can lead to a more fulfilling sexual life and happier relationships for men and their partners. 

Untreated penile deformities can strain relationships and impact men’s self-confidence, underscoring the importance of pursuing available treatments.

FAQ's About Penile Lengthening surgery in Turkey

  • The procedure involves surgically altering the penile structure to increase its length. The specifics of the surgery can vary and will be discussed in detail during the consultation.
  • The surgery is performed under anesthesia to ensure patient comfort. Post-surgical pain is typically manageable with prescribed medication.
  • Recovery times can vary, but patients are usually advised to limit physical activity for a period following the Penile Lengthening Surgery. Specific recovery guidelines will be provided by the surgeon.
  • Yes, the results of penile lengthening surgery are permanent, although patients are advised to perform certain exercises post-surgery to maintain the results.

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks involved, including infection, bleeding, and dissatisfaction with results. These risks will be thoroughly discussed during the consultation.

  • Yes, it is possible to combine penile lengthening with other procedures such as penile Girth or Even The penile implant if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. The suitability of combined procedures will be assessed by the surgeon.
  • Patients are generally advised to abstain from sexual activity for a specified period after the Penile Lengthening Surgery, usually about one month, but this can vary based on individual healing.
  • To schedule a consultation at Istanbul Urology Clinic, you can contact the clinic directly through whatsapp or email. It’s important to provide detailed medical history and specific goals for the Penile Lengthening Surgery during the consultation.

The surgery can be performed under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia. The choice depends on the patient’s health status and the surgeon’s recommendation.

While the primary aim of the Penile Lengthening Surgery is to increase length, it does not directly enhance sexual function. However, it may improve psychological well-being and confidence, which can indirectly affect sexual performance.

There are non-surgical methods claimed to increase penile length, such as extenders and pumps, but their effectiveness and safety are not as well-established as surgical methods.

Pre-surgery preparation includes a medical examination, possibly altering current medications, and abstaining from smoking and alcohol. Istanbul urology clinic will provide detailed instructions based on the patient’s specific health profile.

The success rate is generally high at Istanbul Urology Clinic, but it can vary based on individual factors. Success is measured in terms of patient satisfaction and the achievement of desired lengthening.

The surgery is intended to be permanent, and reversal is not typically a consideration. It’s important to have clear expectations and discuss them with the surgeon before undergoing the procedure.

Yes, consultations at Istanbul Urology Clinic are strictly confidential, and patient privacy is a top priority.

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